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Customer Service

Our customer service department is here to serve our customers needs. Whether you need to ask a question about your coverage plan, what your maintenance schedule is for your vehicle or if you want to renew your plan our team is here to assist any way you may need.

Claims Department

Call 800-291-0981
Once you are a customer of Protect My Car and your vehicle starts having issues you can contact our claims department and speak to one of our ASE Certified Claims Advisors. With a Protect My Car contract you choose where your vehicle is repaired including your dealership.

Roadside Assistance

Call 888-964-6755
All of Protect My Car’s vehicle service contracts and maintenance plans come with roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance program provides 24/7 help with lock out service, tow service, or if you simply run out of gas give us a call for help we are standing by.

Our New Enrollments

Protect My Car has been in the extended auto warranty business for over 7 years, let us help you by placing you into one of our extended auto warranty programs or a maintenance contracts providing you with the best coverage for your situation. Get a no obligation free quote today.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We back all of our extended auto warranty contracts with our 30 Day Free Look Period, giving all of our customers a chance to review their contract and decide if it fits their needs before they commit to keeping it. If our contract doesn’t fit your needs call us and we will refund your down payment.

Flexible Payment Terms

Protect My Car does not use an outside finance company to fund your contract so unlike other companies we can work with you to get you the payment terms you need so the coverage is affordable. We can extend your payments out over 36 monthly payments keeping the cost of the contract less then a tank of gas for real protection. This is a No Fee Payment Plan, so even if you elect to pay the contract off over 36 months there is no cost for that.

Special Promotion!

Call in today and let your Representative know that you want the free maintenance package with your Extended Service Contract, you will get Free Oil Changes and Tire Rotations for the first year of your contract. So call now and get the Free Maintenance Package.